Every artwork has a story to tell and I’m interested in how others interpret artworks. What do you think about these paintings? What do you think is happening and who are the people? Is there a protagonist and antagonist and if so, what are they hoping to accomplish? How does the story end?

You can write a few words about one of the characters or just your interpretation of the scene, or feel free to write your epic “War and Peace” novel! It’s completely up to you.

Add your story via this website

You can add a story to this website by visiting any artwork in the gallery. The story writing panel can be found below the painting. You may optionally choose to write about specific elements within a painting by selecting them.

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Add your story via Twitter

You can even write a very, very short story on Twitter and hashtag it as is seen next to the artwork. Your tweet will then be reposted in the story timeline for that painting.