Usher Hall

Oil on canvas

100 x 130 cm with white box frame

The Umbrella Tree of Usher Hall

By: rapunzellmo

Created: 2013-10-29 20:59:22 Edited: 2013-10-29 20:59:22

As each strolling pedestrian passed under the shady outstretched branches of the tree, an umbrella fell down, plummeting as though it was a fresh sunripened fruit. Each umbrella bore a label that read 'pick me up and take me away'. Those who stepped over the brolly, or kicked it aside, walked on into the sunshine as before. Every person who paused long enough to inspect their windfall umbrella got the message, and so those rainbow coloured brollyfruits were carried away from the shade of the old tree, all around the Usher Hall and beyond, to be sun parasols today and rain brollies tomorrow, such is Edinburgh life.