Usher Hall

Oil on canvas

100 x 130 cm with white box frame

A tale of substance and possibility

By: Mon Nom

Created: 2014-01-05 20:25:53 Edited: 2014-01-05 20:25:53

I watch from the fragrant embrace of a blossoming tree as the Square comes alive with performances of the virtuoso. The rich, human voice of the cello reaches a crescendo. A stilted lady pivots faster, a couple pick up their stroll to a brisk walk, a little girl splashes with fervor in her cool puddle and a young boy propels his umbrella as if in transatlantic flight. People appear and disappear but one person remains constant and calm… The sole figure of a man standing guard of the scene with a devilishly red umbrella propped against his shoulder. He twists it off its resting place and theatrically offers me the handle. A magnetic force pulls me forward and I grasp the umbrella out of his hands. He leans in and whispers, ‘This is your key to travel and time. The tree of Eden is your current shelter but taste the riches of Ancient Egypt or find the mythical fire bird in faraway lands. The world is your blank canvas to paint…’