Oil on canvas

120 x 90 cm

This young woman looks out of the picture while she gently swings a teddy bear back and forth. She holds a zinnia flower loosely in her left hand and raises it up to her face while there are many more zinnias on the ground and leading up to the viewing point on Arthur’s Seat. The sky is dark but is the storm passing or is it on its way? What does the woman want and why is she there all alone?

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This oil painting is available for purchase. Please contact the artist if you would like to find out more.

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The Quest

By: trevorjonesart

Created: 2013-08-01 23:59:09 Edited: 2013-08-02 00:26:20

Kirsty discovered she was pregnant two weeks after Jeff had left to Namibia on an archaeological expedition. That was almost seven months ago and as they hadn’t parted under the best circumstances she had never been able to tell Jeff she was pregnant on the few occasions that he did call.

She took a coach from Bournemouth to Edinburgh as she couldn’t afford the exorbitant train fare and even though it was almost a fourteen hour journey she still enjoyed the scenery and the time to think things through.

Andy and Amanda met Kirsty at the station near St Andrew’s Square and after a quick look around Harvey Nichols Kirsty asked if they could walk up Arthur’s Seat as it had been years since she’d been there. Amanda was quick to ask if she was up for it, being seven months pregnant and after such a long journey but Kirsty explained that this was something she needed to do and she’d always had such fond memories of climbing the mountain when she was young.

The climb was steeper than she remembered but the temperature mild and the sun was even occasionally trying to sneak out from the oncoming clouds. Kirsty carried the small Teddy that her mother gave to her when she was a child. She always knew she’d pass this family heirloom to her own baby when the time came but she’d never expected to be on her own like this when it happened.
Amanda and Andy had walked further to the edge the cliff to have a better look of the city, giving Kirsty the space she was really needing. She bent down and picked a wild zinnia from the ground, never wondering why such a flower would be growing at the top of the Seat. As she held on to it she lovingly raised it and gently touched her expanding stomach before lifting it higher to her face. Kirsty breathed in deeply taking the gorgeously sweet aroma of the flower into her lungs and just as she began to exhale the strangest of things happened… To be continued

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