Oil on canvas

100 x 130 cm with white box frame

A little girl holds a yellow umbrella and jumps up and down in a puddle while in the background a girl on stilts dances with her partner. For some reason a young boy is playing the cello in the middle of the square. Is he busking? Was he performing in the Usher Hall earlier in the day? Who’s the man twirling the red umbrella in the front and staring directly at you? Who are all these people? What’s their story and how does it end?

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By: trevorjonesart

Created: 2013-08-01 22:52:23 Edited: 2013-08-02 01:15:01

It had been the hottest summer young Stephanie could remember. She was only six years old but she was really quite proud of her excellent memory and would often surprise her mother by recounting in great detail events that had happened even in the first year of her life. Although Stephanie was only six and she didn’t exactly have much of a reference point she had realised quite early on that her life wasn’t exactly what one would call “normal”. Even today, the fact that she was outside the Usher Hall all alone, dressed in her favourite lilac welllies and pink raincoat and splashing in a little puddle in 28 degree heat caused Stephanie little concern.
It wasn’t until the butterflies began to circle repeatedly, over and over and in exactly the same monotonous pattern around her head that Stephanie began to realise that something wasn’t quite right. Perhaps this recognition of the butterfly pattern was the trigger; all of a sudden it became very difficult for Stephanie to focus as it seemed her own thoughts were stuck on a perpetual four second loop. Ground hog day had sped up to Ground hog seconds! What had happened to her photographic memory?! Stephanie was only able to capture four seconds of life and then it was gone.
There’s a man with a red umbrella… stop!
There’s a girl on stilts dancing with a young man. Edinburgh festival performers perhaps? … stop!
Who’s that little boy with the American flag umbrella? … stop!
And so it went on and on for young Stephanie: Four seconds, stop. Start, four seconds, stop. Start, four seconds stop. Start…

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