I’m fascinated by how we all see things just a little bit differently from each other and this, of course, is very much the case with art. Everyone will respond to an artwork in their own unique and very personal way, which is influenced by likes and dislikes, past experiences, knowledge etc. I wanted to find a way to tap into this and then somehow enable the viewers of my artwork to engage with it in new ways and to even leave their own interpretations and imaginative and creative comments behind for others to see and comment on.

Hello technology!

Mission accomplished! With the help of modern technology these paintings can be scanned with a smartphone to be “brought to life” enabling the viewer to upload their own ideas and interpretations for all to see. Read what others have said about these paintings or make your own contribution. Whether you leave behind a few words, a short story or your very own epic novel, I’m looking forward to your imaginative pieces! Find out more about writing your own story, or view the picture gallery to begin.